Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tough Bama loss

Our youth really showed today, as I figured it would. This is one of the games I thought'd we lose before the season. JP was a little antzy and threw a lot of off-balance passes. We didn't get a big play from our WRs, the UF secondary did a good job shutting those down. We had a coupla chances that if converted, we prolly woulda won.

The old KD is back, which is awesome. He'll get in gear these next two games against Duke and Ole Miss, right in time for our trip to Knoxville.

We need to get better pressure on the QB, and our secondary needs to sharpen up a bit. But overall, I'm proud of our boys. They should hold their heads up after this one.

Well, hell

Maybe Reggie Ball and company saw my little shot at them. They're up 21-0 over Va. Tech in Blacksburg in the 1st quarter.

We'll see, still plently of time for Ball to blow it.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Prediction Time!

Howdy hey folks. Alright, the spread has kinda roughed me up, but I feel a bounce-back week coming on.

And, I've decided to actually explain some of my picks.

On with it.

Last Week: 2-2-1
Season: 12-8-1

Colorado (+16) at Missouri
After last week's performance, Colorado actually looks like a real team. And I just don't trust teams coached by Gary Pinkel, especially ones without Brad Smith.

Purdue at Notre Dame (-14)
Do I have to explain? The Irish are going to be all pumped up after last week's fluke comeback (Speaking of which, you HAVE to go here nad listen to this radio guy absolutely lose it. At least listen to the "coaches" rant, there's a Teddy Ruxbin mentioning), and Brady Quinn is going to thrust himself back into the Heisman race. Besides, Purdue is overrated anyway; their wins are against the Texas State Fighting Armadillos...or something.

Alabama (+15) at Florida
This is just too many points to turn down. Besides, I feel confident about this one. Alabama still has a fast, physical D -- the very kind that Florida isn't good against. Plus, I think Ken Darby is poised for a breakout game.

Boise St. (+4) at Utah
I love watching Boise St. play, they just run right through you. I need them to win, because my other BCS buster TCU got whupped like a two-bit hooker last night.

Oregon (+1) at Arizona St.
I still don't know why the line suddenly shifted, because regardless of who's injured for the Ducks, the Sun Devils still don't play defense. This is going to be a classic Pac 10 shootout, and the Fighting Phil Knight's will will without the aid of the referees.

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (-9)
Reggie Ball is still the Yellow Jackets QB. Chan Gailey is still the coach of the Rambling Wreck (It's my personal vow to slip that nickname in every piece I write about GT). That is all you need to know.

Ohio St. at Iowa (+7)
Every team gets one scare on their way to the National Championship. This is going to be the Buckeyes'. They'll win, but it won't be pretty (So in other words, it'll be a typcial Big Ten game)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Go see Powerman 5000

Do it.

If you love hard rock and a great live show, they are a band to see.

After last night, I think I will put them atop my favorite live bands list. They just bring so much energy to the stage. And best of all, they're cater to their fans. We were screaming for some old school songs, and they delivered us "Neckbone" from their very first cd.

I must say though, the crowd was rather lame. It's a shame, too, because the boys in the band were bringing it.

Also, check out Forty Acres. I really like their sound, a good blend of AC/DC, old school Aerosmith and Motley Crue.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Powerman 5000, they're cool guys

So yesterday my buddy Tim and I went down to D.C. to see Powermann 5000 do some XM Radio performance.

When we get there, we're told that Spider the lead singer is sick and won't be able to sing, but the band would love to play anyway.

So the band rocks our for about an hour, and Spider even braves it for a few songs. After the set the guys chilled with us and took pics and signed posters and stuff.

Spider mentioned that he was saving his voice for the last few tour stops, one of which is tonight right here in Baltimore. You know I'll be there. I've seen them twice before, and their concerts are tons of fun and have a lot of energy.

Anywho, here's a pic of me and Spider, maybe I'll get some more tonight.

"Living so free is a tragedy, when you can't see what you need to see

Monday, September 25, 2006

OK, now I can talk about the game


I mean, I can accept losing. It happens.

But, I fucking hate when my team loses a game that in which it had about 373 chances to win.

And that is exactly what happened in Sunday's Alabama/Arkansas game.

Alabama dominated that game from start to finish, only to shoot themself in the foot time after time.

Tied at 17 in the late fourth quarter, they had their way with the Razorback D and drove right down the field. With a 1st and goal at the Arkansas 9, Coach Mike Shula got conservative and ran the ball up the gut thre straight times. He obviously was playing for the field goal.

Therein lies my first problem with the game. Shula's conservative play calling has long been high on my shit list. Too many times he is too predictable, like yesterday. After two failed Ken Darby runs up the middle for about two yards combined, Jimmy Johns checked into the game. I turned to my friend Jimmy and said, "here comes the draw."

Sure enough I was right, Arkansas knew it too and stuffed it.

In came freshman walk-on kicker Leigh Tiffin -- who already missed a FG earlier in the day. Now, Tiffin may have some good bloodline, but he's still a young kid in a high-pressure situation on the road in the SEC.

So naturally, after Shula assumed the kid could make the kick, Tiffin pushed it wide right for the second time in the game.

Needless to say, I was pissed. John Parker Wilson was absolutely shredding the Arkansas D -- to the tune of a 16 for 20, 241 yard and 3 TD day. Why can't you at least attempt one pass in that last set of downs? Why? If anything, call a play-action bootleg and give Wilson the option to pass or run.

Come the first overtime, the Alabama D once again dominated true freshman QB Mitch Mustain -- who had a miserable day until the last overtime period, going only 7 of 22 for 97 yards, one touchdown and three picks.

One of those picks came on Arkansas' third down play in the first OT period. But again, Shula got conservative and assumed the field goal and ran it up the gut three straight fucking times.

Tiffin failed to make an adjustment to his kicks and again pushed it wide right.

Next OT period, Shula runs a normal offense and the Tide has no problem scoring. Then Tiffin pushes another fucking kick wide right.

Arkansas -- after being given it's umpteenth opportunity to get back in the game -- scored a touchdown and made the extra point to win.

So who's to blame for this abortion of a football game? Well, a lot of people contributed to the loss, but I will not blame one person more than any other.

For one, the guy who missed three field goals and an extra point. Granted, Tiffin is only a true freshman. But the kid grew up the son of an All-American kicker, so he knows what he is doing. After pushing two kicks wide right, he should've made the proper adjustment.

But, he should've never been in that opportunity. Shula got too conservative and too assumptive towards the end of the game. He called an absolutely great game right until the first and goal from the Arkansas 9-yard-line.

Third, where is the Alabama running game? It has been non-existant this year, and that's a MAJOR problem heading into SEC play. Ken Darby isn't running nearly as aggressive as he used to, and the line is just getting dominated. They've been providing great pass-protection, but having been getting that push on the running plays.

Next week's game in The Swamp will not be pretty, unless there are major changes this week in practice.

Hopefully, the team rallies around this game and comes out guns-a-blazing. Or the loss crushes their spirit and this is a 7-5 team in the making. We'll see.

Roll Tide Roll!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Reactions to the Bama game

Wait until tomorrow, when I'm cooled off and sober.

Aye, what a waste

I crashed at my friends' place last night -- their couch is almost my second home, because they live near the part of town where we go out -- and now sitting here watching the Wisc/Mich game I've realized something: they suck.

Why? Because they have a beautiful 50-some inch tv, flat screen, great surround sound...and no hd.

The fuckers.

They're all (4 of em live here) big gamers, so they love the tv for that reason -- and playing games on this tv is pretty awesome I'll admit, it's like everyone gets their own 19" tv in multiplayer games. But they aren't really sports fans (even though two of them grew up playing hockey with me). I mean one of them will sit and watch a game with me, another went to Bama last year to see a game, and the other likes going to live stuff but hates watching on tv.

Is an extra $9 a month too much to ask? I think I should have a talk with them. A "where's your manhood" talk.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Prediction Time!

Alright, alright, alright. Well, last week was a bit rough on the record thanks to some teams failing to add an extra field goal (damn sportsmanship).

Anywho, not quite as big of a field this week, but still a couple of good ones out there.

Last Week: 3-5
Overall: 10-6

Michigan (-13.5) vs. Wisconsin
California vs. Arizona St. (+8.5)
Ohio St. (-17) vs. Penn St.
Notre Dame (-3) at Michigan St.
Arkansas vs. Alabama (+2)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A little more info on Free the Birds

Here's the AP story about the event.

Tomorrow I'll write about why Peter Angelos is the worst owner in sports.

Free the Birds

If more people than I think read this, and you happen to be an Orioles fan, aaaaaand you're on MySpace, join the Free the Birds group.

That is all.

The Office not totally ruined

Not yet anyway, there's still some open doors left for the romance to creep back in.

However, tonight's episode was friggin hilarious.

My Name is Earl

Funniest show on television, hands down.

If you don't watch it, do so. If you've never seen it...what the hell is your problem?

I'd recommend The Office too, but this love story thing might sink the show. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm at work, hi.

Why do you need to know this? Because it means the glorious return of the extremely popular (well, I like typing them at least) Random Thoughts is coming.

Joy to the world.

A start:

  • This Oklahoma/Oregon thing is going to keep getting uglier and uglier.
  • Nice knowing you Larry Coker.
  • So what's going on in MLB? I've almost completely shut it out after coming to terms with the fact that the Braves will actually miss the playoffs.
  • On the plus side, there is going to be a (hopefully) massive protest at the O's game tomorrow. The point of the protest is to get O's owner Peter Angelos to realize that he is not popular in Baltimore, and that O's fans will not take his crap anymore. The plan is that participants will come dressed in black shirts that read "FREE THE BIRDS" and then sit together in some cheap seats. During the 3rd inning, the group will get up and leave. We'll see how it goes, maybe I'll be able to make it out there and score some pics.
  • Tie Domi -- famous Toronto Maple Leaf enforcer -- retired this week. I'm sad to see him go, but at least I'll always have the memory of him beating the ever-living piss out of some drunk Philly fan who climbed into the box with him.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


All I needed was 3.01 points to win one of my fantasy games this weekend, and yet Heath Miller catches one bloody pass for 11 yards, and I lose 133 to 130.

Damn you Jacksonville! (Or damn me for not starting Todd Heap -- who had a TD catch -- against Oakland)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Oklahoma just got hosed. How much did Oregon pay those refs? Seriously, I'm never one to blame a game on refs, but this one was clearly decided by two horrendus calls.

Leigh Tifin

Bama's new kicker while Jaime "Momney" Chirstensen recovers from a groin injury, son of the Bama legend Van Tiffin, and pretty solid so far this year.

Still, the kid looks like he's 12. I can't move past that.

Just thought I'd let yall know.

Jamarcus Russell...

Is a fuck up.

Horrible last drive by the LSU QB. Cost the team about 20 seconds, and made two supid passes.

Who the hell throws it short of the end zone on the last play of the game?

Nonetheless, still a spectacular game.

This day has lived up to the hype and then some

Thank you football gods, I shall sacrifice a goat in your honor.

Some thoughts:
  • Nation, meet Louisville. Lousiville, nation. (So maybe I'm not rethinking my Big East pick now)
  • I love SEC football. This Auburn/LSU battle has been a defensive masterpiece. The pads have been popping every play.
  • What was that about the new and improved Notre Dame D?
  • I'm getting Gameplan for free, wicked awesome.
  • We're not even done yet, whoa nellie!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Prediction Time!

Accepting the challenge form my buddy Clint, my picks will now be against the spread.
Big weekend, so there are 8 games on the docket (Bama's game always gets on), my picks are in bold, home teams listed first.

Last Week: 4-0
Season: 7-1

Auburn (-3) vs. LSU
Lousiville vs. Miami (+4.5)
Notre Dame (-5.5) vs. Michigan
Oregon vs. Oklahoma (+4.5)
TCU (+1) vs. Texas Tech
USC (-18.5) vs. Nebraska
Tennessee vs. Florida (-3.5)
Alabama vs. UL Monroe (+24.5)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Damn, I am getting old

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur's death.

I can remember girls crying when they found out the news, it's kind of amazing how much impact musicians can have on our lives.

It's also amazing that the man has released 732 CDs since then, but that's a different story.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Prediction Time!

3-1 Last week, not bad for opening weekend.

Of course, this weekend's big game is the throwndown between Ohio St. and Texas in Austin. I gotta tell ya, I like the Buckeyes because of their explosive offense. Texas is good, real good, but I'm not sure freshman QB Colt McCoy is ready for a game of this caliber just yet.

Ohio St. over Texas
Notre Dame over Penn St.
Boston College over Clemson
Bama over Vandy

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dane Cook

I like the guy, I really do. Ever since I saw his first "Comedy Central Presents..." way back in like 11th grade, I've thought the guy was fucking hilarious.

With that said, ole Dane may be pushing his luck with his fame.

He gained a cult following, or should I say earned one for being funny.

He released Retaliation, and it debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts. It was a funny, FUNNY CD.

But then he went and did Tourgasm on HBO, and I'm not sure that was a smart move. It just wasn't a good series, and I'm not seeing how he thought it could benefit him.

And then his special, Vicious Circle, came on Monday night. And to tell the truth, I think it was above average at best. I didn't laugh a lot. MAybe it was because I was tired, I don't know.

But Dane may be rushing things a bit too much, and it could be career suicide. Just some food for thought.

"Start your day the holy way, with Christ Chex"

I suppose this is a good time for some NFL predictions

And and it goes like this...

AFC East - New England
AFC North - Pittsburgh
AFC South - Indianapolis
AFC West - Kansas City

Wildcard - Miami
Wildcard - Baltimore

AFC Winner - New England

NFC East - New York Football Giants
NFC North - Chicago
NFC South - Carolina
NFC West - Seattle

Wildcard - Atlanta
Wildcard - Dallas

NFC Winner - Seattle

Super Bowl - New England

Why the Pats? This was a team who used to get pissd after winning Super Bowls because they felt they were getting disrespected. Now they go through an offseason where everyone is saying the dynasty is dead. They'll be focused, and ready to explode.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't like the new rules in college football?

Go here and sign the petition.

Bama Week 1 Reactions

OK, I did the national thing, but here are some thoughts about Alabama after their opening 25-17 victory over Hawaii:

I'll start with the offense, specifically John Parker Wilson. I was happy with his performance overall. He seemed poised, didn't force anything and didn't make any huge mistakes. However, he needs to vastly improve his deep ball. Granted, we were spoiled after 4 years of brodie Croyle's cannon, but JP had waaaaaaaay too much air under his deep balls.

Keith Brown had the best individual performance of the game. He made great catches, clutch catches and was just outstanding.

The running game looked great in the first half, then disappeared in the second after Hawaii started putting about 24 guys in the box. Jimmy Johns was great in the first half, I have no clue why he didn't see the ball a lot in the second.

As for the pride of this year's recruiting class, Andre Smith, to quote my dad: "He was a man among men." That kid is going to be a STUD.

Defensively, I don't have a lot to say. They looked exactly how I expected them to look: like a unit that knows what they're supposed to do, but still needs a game or two to gel with each other and perfect the system. This unit will be rock solid when the Tide visits Arkansas a few weeks from now. Prince Hall looks like he could be the next big Alabama LB.

Leigh Tiffin did a very solid job in place of Jamie Christensen. I'll be comfortable with him kicking while Money recovers from his groin injury. Although, I'd still prefer to have Money in a clutch situation over the walk-on freshman. Experience will always beat bloodlines.

That's it. The Vanderbilt gmae will answer a lot of questions.

Roll Tide Roll

Monday, September 04, 2006

Week 1 Reactions

Solid first weekend of college football, some thoughts:

  • Is it too late to change my Big East prediction? The loss of Michael Bush will KILL the Louisville Cardinals. I'm not saying they'll bomb or anything, but that offense just loses so much punch without him.

  • Is Georgia Tech's D that good, or did Notre Dame's offense have an extremely bad case of first game jitters?

  • Hey Colorado: BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Damn, Tennessee must have something to prove, I guess. But we'll see if the Vols are really back or if Cal was just overhyped.

  • Attention all those who predicted an Arkansas upset over USC: Ha! Fucking morons.

  • Don't like the new rules, we're just losing more football. Want to shorten games? Tkae away some TV timeouts.

  • Ohio State's offense looked spectacular. Should be another classic this Saturday.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Prediction Time!

Just a quick FYI, anyhting I get wrong, I'm blaming on the hangover.

Anywho, let's make this short and sweet:

Bama beats Hawaii.
Notre Dame beats Georgia Tech.
Cal beats Tennessee.

And on Monday, Florida St. beats Miami.