Friday, October 27, 2006

Prediction Time!

Anyone noticed that we haven't had the usual huge upset yet this year? You know the one that makes everybody go, "Damn! Never saw that coming." Well, it's about time we had it, ain't it? (Pay attention kiddies, that's what we writers call foreshadowing).

Last Week: 4-1
Season: 24-16-5

Missouri (-1.5) vs. Oklahoma
Despite the Tigers loss at A&M a couple of weeks ago, I have faith in them winning at home over a depleted OU team.

On a related note, should we send some kind of suicide watch team to the Sooner State? I mean, before the season they were a legit NC contender. Then the Bomar thing happened, then Texas beat them again and then Peterson went down for the season and everyone seems to think he's gone to the NFL. It's not like there's much else to fall back on in there?

Notre Dame at Navy (+13)
That's right baby, this is my upset pick of the year! The Middies are ending the 42-year streak. Triple-option 'em to death!

(Yes, I may have lost my mind somewhere along the line.)

Alabama (-35) vs. FIU
Sure, it's a lot of points to give up with the Tide's offense. But FIU is FIU, and they're down 18 players. Despite that, FIU LB Antwan Barnes says that the Panthers will shock the world and that "We'll be on ESPN for a good reason this time, not a bad one."

What, are they going to start another brawl. Granted, Alabama ain't exactly a super-powerhouse. But the talent level is just too far apart for the Panthers to stand a chance.

Florida vs. Georgia (+13.5)
Again, not a big fan of giving up that many points in the SEC. Besides, this seems like the perfect time for Georgia to come out and prove something after their recent struggles. Not that they'll win, but they'll scare the Gators.

Texas at Texas Tech (+10.5)
Strange things happen in Lubbock. Ask the Horns, who lost there in 2002.

Tennessee (-3.5) at South Carolina
Last week's win is the kind of win that propels teams to win the rest of their games. South Carolina may have won in Knoxville last year, but this is a completely different Vols team.

However, this is my least confident pick. Spurrier owns Fulmer, and Fulmer knows it. The Ol' Ball Coach will cook up something special, you just sense it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The idiotic state of the Bama Nation

Best represented here: Fire Shula Now!

Morons, plain and simple.

Why? Well now, let me count the ways.

The main argument of this bloke is the offensive inaptitude of our beloved Crimson Tide -- something I'll agree with him on.

However, the cause is where we differ. He blames, and I quote, "The play calling, blocking schemes and execution are all contributing causes."

Well now, seems one of those ain't exactly Coach Mike Shula's fault. And that has been our biggest problem this year: execution.

It isn't our blocking schemes, it's the fact our offensive line has yet to open up any holes for our backs on a consistent basis.

Our play calling -- albeit a little conservative for my tastes at times -- has been fine up until we get inside the opponents 20. Then it becomes stale and predictable (C'mon Mikey, for my sake, throw in a bootleg sometime, please).

However, Shula is not the one missing blocks, dropping passes or overthrowing receivers. Maybe someone should point out that John Parker Wilson needs to learn how to stop throwing off of his back foot. Step into your throws, man up and take a hit.

Then there is the matter of our defense not making big stops. Yes, they did quite the number on the Tennessee offense, but not when it mattered most.

Our fine young Anti-Shula fan then goes on to call an Alabama football site a "Soviet News Agency." Riiiiiight.

Our friend then touches on the rumors that Butch Davis is interested in the Alabama job. My only problem with that is simple: what Alabama job? We're going to finish with at least 8 wins after a brutal schedule during a rebuilding year.

He then goes on to list Paul Finebaum as a credible source, thus losing all credibility with me. Finebaum is admittedly NOT a journalist -- he is the SEC football version of Jerry Springer. He starts shit for no damn reason, only to rile up Bama fans.

Let me get to the point and lay down the law.

Alabama is still recovering from probation. This year was supposed to be the year we would feel the illest effects of the scholarship losses.

We have a sophomore at quarterback. We have a true freshman (albeit a damn good one) starting at left tackle, arguably the most important position on the line. We lost Demeco Ryans, Freddie Roach, Charlie Peprah, Mark Anderson,Roman Harper and Anthony Madison on D. Two of those guy are starting on NFL teams right now. We are without Tyrone Prothro, perhaps the most dynamic Alabama player since David Palmer -- maybe ever.

What does all this equate to? We are a young, inexperienced team that will -- as all teams in our predicament do -- go through growing pains.

JP has shown remarkable poise for a first year starter. DJ Hall and Keith Brown have both battled through injuries to form one of the most formidable WR duos to ever don the crimson jersey. The D has played it's ass off.

This team is doing the same thing the 2004 team did: play tough, close games. That team turned into last year's 10-2, Cotton Bowl winning team.

This year's team will turn into next year's SEC contender, mark my words. Hell, I still think they will pull an upset before this season is over.

The last thing this program needs is another major coaching change. Maybe some staff shuffling is in order, but Shula needs to stay or this program will go right back to stage one of the rebuilding process.

Consistency is the key word.

Shula's play-calling and decision-making has improved vastly since he arrived at The Capstone in 2003. He is a superb recruiter (see: Andre Smith), and will only get better. His pro-style offense will attract the big name blue chippers who want to play in the NFL. Sure, it may not be as flashy as the Urban Meyer spread option, but it is damn effective with the right tools in place (look at last year before TP and the o-line went down).

Shula will win the SEC before the end of the decade, maybe even as soon as next year. And, it is my loud opinion that Mike Shula will bring Bama their 13th National Championship before he is done his time in Tuscaloosa.

There is nothing wrong with expecting excellence, nothing. But there is something wrong with unreasonable expectations. To think that this team was going to improve upon last year's effort, when we lost almost our entire nucleus, is ridiculous.

Mike Shula has faced the toughest tests that any coach before him at this university has had to face. He took over a team after spring practice. A team that was slammed by probation. A team that had lacked consistency for over half a decade.

Bear Bryant never had to deal with his own shadow. Gene Stallings did not have to compete against a powerhouse Auburn University for recruits.

If there is anything that I have learned about the Alabama fanbase it is this: there is no more proud, no more loyal fanbase than that of the Crimson Tide. And the fact that I have to call in question the loyalty of my fellow fans sickens me.

Get behind your coach, get behind your players. By damn, show your Crimson Pride.

Lest you forget: This Is Alabama Football. And it will once again be High Tide in the land of college football.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Movies I'll stay up to 5 in the morning to watch

I was crashing at Ben, Tim and Jimmy's the other night (aka my second home), and at about 3:30 in the morning I was ready to pass out.

But as I was browsing through the channel guide, I saw that Dazed & Confused was about to come on. Naturally, I tried to stay up and watch it (unsuccessfully though, damn commercials).

So, I got to thinking, and decided that might be my ultimate test as to what movies are my absolute favorites: my willingness to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to watch them, no matter how drunk I am or how early I may need to wake up.

Let's start with the movie that inspired this.

Why do I love this movie? Come on, man, how can you not? Great soundtrack, great characters, and probably my favorite movie to quote from.

This movie is another reason I wish I grew up in the 70s. The free spirit, the cool hangouts, the wicked cars.

You know what, I don't think I can even describe why I love this movie. I just know that anytime it comes on and I happen to come across it I MUST finish it. I always feel better after watching it too, for some reason or another.

I mean, do I really need to talk about this? I named the blog after it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Poll of Mighty Power

If I give one thing to the current bowl system, it's that it makes it seem like the regular season is the playoff. And now we're getting into the part of the year where teams will pull out all stops to win, and that makes for great football watching.

As for the poll, not much different.

1. -- The three games before Michigan? Minnesota, Illinois and Northwestern. Yawn.

2. -- The Mountaineers get a bye before their trip to Louisville. Think Rich Rodriguez is gonna cook up some special stuff for the Cardinals?

3. -- Each week the thought of the Wolverines D going against the Buckeyes offense gets better and better.

4. -- Bye week = I got nothing.

5. -- The Cards also have a bye week before the big Nov. 2 showdown...yeah, that's gonna be a fun one to watch.

6. -- If Alabama had anything that resembled a red zone offense, Erik Ainge's miserable first half would've actually meant something.

7. -- Colt McCoy keeps getting better and better. So, what does that mean for Jevan Snead's future as a Longhorn?

8. -- Marshawn Lynch had a little fun after the game this past Saturday with an injury cart. Fan's view & TV view.

9. -- The Tigers have some easy sailing until they host Georgia in a few weeks.

10. -- The Gators had a week off to get over their loss to Auburn, and now they face a struggling Georgia team; which means either a blowout or a scary close game.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I hate Rocky Top

Once again, the lack of a redzone offense comes through to haunt the Tide.

Three possessions inside the UT 10, and only 13 points to show for it...I really don't know what ya can say to that.

What makes this year's losses so tough is that coming into the year I knew it'd be a down year, and that we weren't gonna win 10 games again. But still, you get hopeful come gametime, and then you have all these late leads and nothing to show for it, and it sucks royally.

But by dammit, we're going to beat Auburn.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prediction Time!

This is the way football should be: Alabama and Tennessee battle it out on the third Saturday in October; rivals like Michigan and Ohio State should be poised to have a gigantic clash...and people should be whining about computers (I died a little inside each time I think of the BCS, I really do).

Last Week: 2-3
Season: 20-15-5

Texas at Nebraska (+5.5)
Is Nebraska fully back? No, not yet. But they are vastly improved, with their only blemish this year being a loss at USC. Now, both offenses are on fire, but the Horns have the better D, which I think gives them an edge. But this one will be played in front of The Sea of Red, which makes me think the Huskers will at least keep it close, if not pull the upset.

Tennessee vs. Alabama (+11)
I love this game, I really do. Why? Because winning it feels sooooo good. You have no idea how blissful it was to win last year, in my final season in the student section at Bryant-Denny Stadium (especially after suffering through the 5OT debacle two years earlier).

11 points is just too much if you ask me. The Tide has found their running game, and a healthy Ken Darby is a dangerous thing. If Bama doesn't turn the ball over and controls the clock (keeping the Vols offense on the sidelines), they can steal a win.

Michigan (-13) vs. Iowa
I was tempted to think this could be a letdown game for the Wolverines. The key word there being "was," mind you.

Pittsburgh vs. Rutgers (+6.5)
Screw it, I'm ridin' the Scarlet Knights' bandwagon until Nov. 9th -- when they host Louisville.

Clemson at Georgia Tech (+7)
OK, so last week Gary Pinkel (officially back in "fucktard" mode) screwed me over. And now I'm placing faith in Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball...well, I'm placing faith in Calvin Johnson, and hoping the other two don't screw it up.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What I learned while working at a newspaper

I wouldn't say I'm at an unusual stage of life, because I'm sure almost everyone my age is here, but I definitely am at an awkward one.

I graduated in May with a degree in journalism, and five months later I find myself back home and working two jobs -- one as a computer operator and another at a restaurant.

So what, right? I mean how many 22-year-olds find themselves at home and working jobs that have nothing to do with their degree? A bunch, I'm willing to bet.

However, I had a chance to get into my field right out of the gate. You may remember in June I snagged a job as the sports writer/editor for a small-town paper in Alexander City, Alabama. If you don't know me, you automatically see my degree in the field and my love for sports and think that would've been the best situation ever for me.

Turns out, you would be wrong.

To be honest, I was never that high on pure journalism. I loved to write, but always more creative than anything. I never wrote for my high school paper, never took any journalism classes either. I took creative writing classes, wrote lyrics for my two bands (if you can call them that -- one had a website but no drummer, and the other faded in about a week because no-one wanted to practice outside of me and my friend Tim), and wrote stories and poems on my own.

But, the idea of majoring in English never seemed sexy to me, so I chose journalism for three main reasons: 1) I liked writing, 2) I loved sports and 3) I figured I could actually get a job with a journalism degree.

Throughout college, my creative fire -- if you will -- was never doused. I minored in creative writing, and my writing in my major classes never really fit the mold. My creative teachers loved my style, my journalism teachers hated it. It wasn't proper, it wasn't conventional and it sure as hell wasn't journalism. So while I was getting A's in my minor classes, I was getting a steady stream of B's and C's in my major, with a few A's here and there.

So I adapted my goals, I got more into magazine writing, columns and new-wave journalism -- like blogging and other online writing.

I've never been 100% sure of what I want to do with life, although I sure hope it involves writing of some sort -- be it having a sports column or writing mildly funny sitcoms, I would just love to write.

But, I figured out pretty quickly that I was almost certain I didn't want to get into newspapers. Just seemed too bland, too old-school, too not me.

So I kept tinkering my style to fit anything but newspaper writing -- and eventually my professors and editors accepted it, and some even praised it. That's when I started to really enjoy and have faith in my chosen field: when I was able to write The Low Down, and do columns/stories on cussing at football games, the best Tuscaloosa bars to watch games at and road trips to Myrtle Beach.

So, I graduated and had no idea how I was going to get one of these jobs, but I was determined to get one someday, somehow.

And then one June morning my phone rang, and it was a publisher from a paper in little Alexander City. He asked if I would like to come in and talk about their open sports position, and in my half-awake, fully-hung-over state I said “sure.”

(Funny side-story about the above conversation: one day over lunch my publisher mentions that after he hung up the phone with me, he turned to the editor and goes, "Was he high?" -- I'm not what you would call the most alert person in the morning.)

A little over a week later I make the two-hour trek from Tuscaloosa to Alex City and talk with the editor, Kevin, and the publisher, Tim. Now mind you, I pretty much had the attitude that I was going only to amuse myself, because I really didn't want to work at a newspaper. So when Kevin told me "at some point today, you'll go 'oh, shit' and think this is too much work, but it's really not," I almost said "no thanks, guys" right there.

But then we talked some more, went to lunch and talked even more. They were good guys, and eventually they offered me the job. I was given the weekend to figure it out (which, honestly, is a short time, but they had an understandable urgency -- they'd been without a sports guy for a month).

So, I went home and thought about it, and talked to the parents and friends. Then I called them to say I accepted it.

And there was my big mistake: I thought about it.

I'm not saying I should’ve denied from the start (well...) but normally I'm a guy who goes more on feeling than anything else, and it's always worked for me. I'd rather be happy here in Baltimore, having tons of fun with friends and working jobs I don't really care about than miserable in Alabama with a job that will jumpstart my career.

But they sold me on it, and made it seem like I could be myself there. Which made me think that after a year or so, I could bolt to a bigger gig and be where I wanted in just a few years.

But my short tenure there made me see otherwise.

(I'm finally getting around to the title of this post)

It was there that I realized that journalism isn't what it was painted to be in college. There it seemed like a haven for writers who wanted to take the journalism world into the new-wave era of blogs and online media. People who got away from AP slightly, and actually told stories in an interesting way.

Instead, journalism -- in the pure news aspect, at least -- has become all about the money. It's no longer a profession, it's a business.

In general, it has become the race to get the story first, even if it may not be completely accurate. It's about which paper or website or TV station broke the big news story first -- and it should be break the gist of the story, do some reporting and tell me everything in-depth and accurately.

That was one of the major things I hated about my job in Alexander City: it wasn't about my writing.

I received a ton of compliments from readers, co-workers and other writers about my stories; but when it came to my editor and publisher, for the most part all they talked about was quantity (that became a really sticky situation my last week on the job, unfortunately), and that really pissed me off.

I'd bust my ass to write what I thought was a very good, if not great newspaper story (something more than just "Timmy had a big hit in the Babe Ruth regional final yesterday"), and they'd be mad because I only had two bylines and not three -- during the summer in a bumfuck town, when all they wanted was local stories that weren't there.

Now, I am admittedly an average reporter -- at best. I'm just not a pure journalist, I don't want to be. I'm not about uncovering the next big scandal. I'd rather give my readers a story that they read and actually like, something that after they finish they know that it took effort to write, something they can appreciate.

I'd rather lock myself in a room for a week, write a story about 57 times and come out with a great final product; rather than churn out three to four stories a day and only spend about an hour or two on each. Because -- and believe me on this -- you can tell when a writer mails it in. And I'm not afraid to say that I mailed some in. Because frankly, what's the fucking point of spending time on something that's not being judged for content, but only for quantity?

Take this past weekends Miami/FIU brawl: the news outlets jumped all over it just to be the first.

It's not about the story anymore, it's about the money. And it's fucking sad.

So after about a month and a half, I'd had it and wanted out. Sure it wasn't the most professional path, but I wasn't about to stay in a town that made me miserable with a job that was steadily souring on me.

So, what did I learn?

> Journalism is slowly turning into a business. Maybe it's because newspapers feel threatened by online media and fear extinction, so they need to do what keeps them afloat.

> I ain't exactly what you call a go-getter. That doesn't mean I won't bust my ass, but I sure as hell ain't the guy who's gonna write four stories in one day, go do 15 interviews and plan the page a week in advance. Twelve-hour work days are not my bag, unless it's something I truly love to do...or if I somehow become the host of Girls Gone Wild. Now there are some people who live to do this, I'm just not one of them.

> Publishers are dicks. I'm not saying Tim is a bad guy, I think it just comes with the job. You have to be, or else you won't put out a good paper. (If Tim -- or anyone else down there happens to come across this, please keep reading below.)

> The Outlook is a damn fine newspaper, with quality people working for it. Don't let anything I've written let you think otherwise. I wasn't bashing the paper; I'm bashing the industry as a whole.

Most of all, I learned what I already knew all through college: newspapers aren't for me. And maybe journalism as a whole isn't for me. I want to write a novel, and a screenplay and some other creative stuff. I want to have a life outside of my job. I don't want to be stuck in a locker room at midnight on a Saturday night talking to some sweaty, ass-smelling football player.

If I get back into the journalistic world, it'll be at a magazine or a website, or a newspaper that let's me do something off-beat.

I'm getting an apartment with a friend at the end of the month. I'm writing this, so at least I'm writing in some fashion. I have some ideas for creative projects, and once I get settled down with all this moving and job hunting job-hunting I'll start on them.

So, for now, I may be unsure of where I'm headed, but at least I'm happy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • Everyone needs to calm down about this Miami/FIU brawl. Shit happens. Was it ugly? Sure, but bitching about it doesn't change anything. Miami isn't Thug U anymore, although they have been trying to get back there (But I don't count the Louisville logo-stomp thing in this, I mean how many teams do that nowadays? A bunch, and Miami gets singled out for it? That's not fair.)
  • So, the Ravens fired OC Jim Fassel today, and it's about time...he was missing blocks left and right this year, and was just running horribly.
  • I must say, I'm really excited about the upcoming college basketball season. I mean, this year's Alabama squad has the potential to be the best in school history. I don't think I've ever been this eager for hoops to start.
  • I really don't care about the NLCS. Not one bit.
  • I hate Rocky Top.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Le Poll de Power

Apaprently, being ranked #2 is a curse this year. All I know is this: teams better stop losing, because I want some good ole controversy come bowl time, dammit.

1. -- Ho hum.

2. -- Steve Slaton is a bad, bad man.

3. -- OK, so no upset in Happy Valley. The Wolverines get Iowa in the Big House this weekend, then easy sailing until their showdown with the Buckeyes.

4. -- It's just odd to see the Trojans not completely destroy opponents.

5. -- I haven't decided if this Saturday's game at Syracuse is a trap game, or just another showcase for the Cardinals' offense...hmm, probably the latter.

6. -- [Clearing throat sound] Oh Rocky Top, you'll never mean one damn thing to me. Fuck you Rocky Top. Woo! Go to hell Tennessee.

(In case you haven't noticed, I don't exactly like Tennessee)

7. -- Nothing special until their date at USC.

8. -- Should be a good one this weekend in Lincoln.

9. -- I really hate to agree with Tommy Tubberville, but when he says that the SEC will be hard pressed to win a national title unless there is a playoff, he's right.

10. -- I'm just going to be blunt here: if you don't think the SEC is the toughest conference in the land, you're an idiot.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

C'mon, seriously?

Does every game have to be this close?

Sloppy tackling, overthrown passes, drops...aye, ugly win. The defense sure as hell better tighten up before next Saturday's trip to Knoxville.

On a positive note, Ken Darby is officially his old self again.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Prediction Time!

You know, for what it's worth, That 70s Show was one of the best sitcoms ever during its heyday.

Anywho, 5 games on the slate this weekend, soooo... on with it.

Florida at Auburn (+2)
You know, all week I was thinking about taking Florida... but giving Auburn two points at home? No way I can turn that down. Besides, no on gets through the SEC unbeaten unless they are super-duper-good.

The Gators are good, but they ain't that good.

Michigan at Penn St. (+5.5)
My upset special of the week. I'm serious, without Manningham the passing game is iffy.

Missouri (-1.5) at Texas A&M
I swear to whoomever, if Missouri loses the week I pick them, I'm officially going back to Gary Pinkel is a fucktard mode.

Navy vs. Rutgers (+2.5)
Navy's strong, but not like they have been in the past. I think the Scarlet Knights stay unbeaten.

Alabama (-15.5) vs. Ole Miss
The Tide's running game has finally gotten going (seemingly, anyway), just in time to thrash Ole Miss. I'd be surprised if the Rebels score this weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another reason to hate the NCAA and political correctness

Quoting this story on CBS

RICHMOND, Va. -- The feathers are flying at the College of William & Mary, right off the school's athletic logo.

In response to a ruling by the NCAA that called the imagery offensive to Native Americans, the school said Tuesday that it plans to phase out the use of two Indian feathers.

Now, tell me that this logo: is offensive. I dare you.

Jesus, the NCAA is nothing but a bunch of dumbass cum-dumpsters. You let them keep their nickname -- the Tribe -- but don't allow them to have a friggin feather on their logo?


Big Woody's Kool 10

I'm trying out different names for this poll, suggestions welcome.

So, Arkansas went to the loveliest village on the plains and slapped around Auburn, Cal keeps making that opening weekend look like a bad Playstation 2 experience and Florida is unscathed halfway thorugh their gauntlet of terror.

Well then, let's saddle up and ride.

1. -- So, it time for the Michigan game yet?

2. -- So, it time for the Louisville game yet?

3. -- The Gators get to travel to the plains and play an angry, beat up Auburn team. If they win this weekend, talk is going to start about a Gator championship run.

4. -- Most everybody seems to be dismissing the Nittany Lions this weekend, but without Mario Manningham, I think the boys in maize and blue are awfully vunerable.

5. -- Sure, they're winning, but ever so barely. That November stretch against Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame is looking tougher every weekend.

6. -- If you're a football fan and haven't sat down and watched the Cardinals offense, what the hell is your problem?

7. -- OK, so maybe David Cutcliffe was what the Vols were looking for.

(Side note: I swear to whoever that the Vols ALWAYS get a bye-week before they play Bama. Always. See, this is why I hate Tennessee, for things like that.)

8. -- No, seriously: what the hell happened in Knoxville? Someone? Anyone? Bueller?

9. -- That defense is good, scary good. And you know it's good when a back gets 109 yards and people are calling it a bad day for him.

10. -- Either Auburn mans up and ends the Gators NC hopes, or Arkansas gets essentially a -- get this -- three game lead in the SEC West.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mario: Italian or Arabic?

You know, I'm beginning to doubt the validity of Mario's Italian heritage.

Seriously, play the first game. He's very dark skinned, moreso than Italians usually are. He's more Middle Eastern.

And after searching Google to prove my point, I think there's a cover-up afoot. He's gotten whiter over the years...I'm just saying.

More on this as it develops.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Departed

Go see it.


It may not be the best movie ever, but dammit it's entertaining, it's got an original plot, the acting is great and it's a very well-written movie.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


So Arkansas just went into Auburn and dominated the #2 team in the land. Impressive.

Prediction Time!

Sorry about the lateness, for some reason whenever it rains here I get no wireless signal.

Last Week: 3-2-2
Season: 15-10-3

Florida (-2) vs. LSU
That LSU defense is scary, but after last week I'm sold on the Gators' toughness. Besides, it's always an adventure with Jamarcus Russell in big games.

Texas (-4) vs. Oklahoma
Neither team really stirkes fear into anybody, but I think Texas has the better D and that's going to be the deciding factor in today's game.

Tennessee at Georgia (+2)
No team the caliber of Georgia should be an underdog at home, especially in the SEC. Tennessee has been on and off this season, and against another tough D on the road...yeah, I'll take those two points for the home team.

Michigan (-15.5) vs. Michigan St.
Yeah, I almost feel guilty taking this game...almost.

Texas Tech (-4) vs. Missouri
Mizzou may be unbeaten, but Lubbock is a tough place to win. And I still don't trust Gary Pinkel, just don't.

Cal vs. Oregon (+5)
The Bears have been playing great since that first game whuppin' in Knoxville, but who have they played? Oregon may have some controversial wins, but they're still playing very good football. Five points is just too much to turn down, even on the road.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baseball playoff prediction?


Why? Because honestly, I haven't been watching since August. I've been too depressed with this season. The O's are their usual sucky selves, but now my Braves miss the playoffs too?

I think the shock of it all just led me to stop watching, that coupled with football season and work and I just almost forgot about baseball.

If the Twins still had Liriano, I'd like them. But without him and with Radke's arm almost falling off, I ain't sure.

All I know is this: as long as a team not frmo NYC wins, I'm happy.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Koolest Poll

The 10 teams kooler than anyone else in the nation, or my version of a power poll.

I feel that all polls shouldn't start until about this time of the year anyway, because now we are starting to see the real contenders seperate themselves. Anywho, on with it.

1. -- So, what about that defense falling off again?

2. -- I really hate giving them props... but they're good. Damn good.

3. -- No one has stopped that offense yet, and it's not like they'll play anyone -- outside of Louisville -- who can.

4. -- I'm sure they'd like to stay healthier, but it shouldn't affect them too much in the Pac 10.

5. -- The big difference between this year's and last year's Gator teams? This year's version is tough, something they lacked last season.

(On a side note, I lost a lot of respect for Urban Meyer when he tried to run up the score this past Saturday. The Gators were up two scores, with less than a minute left and Bama had no timeouts. Meyer goes for the endzone with prized recruit Tim Tebow; he's lucky Tebow only fumbled the ball, and didn't hurt himself. Nice try at trying to play off the notion that this wasn't about revenge, coach.)

6. -- Wow, when the Wolverines are healthy, they are scary. Could you imagine if both them and the Buckeyes were undefeated going into their match-up?

7. -- Amazing how the Cardinals haven't missed a beat since losing Michael Bush and Brian Brohm.

8. -- Great D, of course. Still not sold on their offense...however, this week's trip to The Swamp will be very telling.

9. -- The Ducks' O is fun to watch -- but was it their D or a bad Arizona St. offense that showed up this past weekend?

10. -- So, was the Ohio St. game merely a bad day? Or will the Longhorns struggle to score again when they face another strong D this Saturday?