Friday, June 29, 2007

Icky Thump

So, how about that review?

Like I've said before, I love it when Jack White gets heavy, and this cd delivers the heavy.

We start off with the title cut, and move into what is undoubtedly my favorite track on the cd -- and climbing up my favorite White Stripes songs list -- "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Do As You're Told)," a bluesy rocker with a solid riff and Jack White's usual croons. It's a sound that graces the whole album, and doesn't disappoint.

But what makes this a great cd is the variety on it. There's acoustic ballads, organs, bagpipes and "Conquest" -- which sounds like it would make a great theme song for a 70s b-movie.

Despite all of that, it flows surprisingly well. Although, "St. Andrew" might get a lot of skips in my cd player and on my iPod.

So, I like it. I really like it. But, I probably wouldn't put it past Elephant as my favorite WS cd. I give it a solid A-.

Weekend 6-Pack

Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry
The White Stripes - Icky Thump
Shooter Jennings - Put the 'O' Back in Country
Beastie Boys - License to Ill
The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank you, Jemele Hill

While it may not be a true sport, pro wrestlers are athletes for the most part, and take a bigger physical beating than many athletes in other sports. I mean, football and baseball and the like all have off-seasons, pro wrestling does that.

Regardless, the steroid problem that engulfs pro wrestling is an epidemic that has gone laregly unnoticed by the sports media. Thankfully, Jemele Hill steps up and calls for something to be done.

To my recollection, there have been only three mass media looks at the steroid epidemic: Beyond the Mat, an article in ESPN the Mag about the passing of David Smith (the British Bulldog) and a feature in USA Today that really had no substance.

And that's a shame, really. It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of the WWE or TNA, if you are a fan of sports you should be worried about the dangers of steroids. It seems like every year a wrestler I grew up watching dies from a steroid related condition. It's only a matter of time until it happens to some football or baseball player everyone loves.

Really, the only way something will happen is if the wrestlers mount a united stand against Vince McMahon and people who basically force steroids on them -- these guys are expected to stay in top shape and put their bodies on the line for over 200 events in a year, and they travel relentlessly. Sadly, that probably won't happen. But it's nice to see a national voice such as Hill step up to the plate.

These guys are top flight entertainers, but sometimes we forget that they are also human.

Oh Well

Didn't really think it was gonna happen anyway.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I don't have many real wishes in life...

"Page, Plant, and Jones spoke and agreed to do the memorial concert. They are waiting for a definite date," an unidentified source told Yahoo! Music. "And no one can quite believe it, but during discussions about the concert they all gave the green light to a tour if it all does well and they don't all fall out." In response, bloggers are (pun intended) dazed and confused and awaiting confirmation for what could be the hottest ticket of the century. But others question the validity of the source's claims, citing numerous reunion rumors over the years, while some question the aging rockers' ability to shred the same youthful, fiery tunes considering the substantial time lapsed since their last appearance together on stage.
Read the bold people!

I don't give a shit if they ain't what they used to be. I've seen what's left of Skynyrd twice now and they're are two of the best concerts of my life - and I've seen everyone from Metallica to Alabama to Bob Dylan to the Ninja Turtles to that cowboy from the Real World to Lil' Jon in concert -- so that's saying something.


(However, seeing as the RATM thing pretty much was a bust -- almost anyway, they keep adding dates and anything is possible -- I don't have too high of hopes.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well, damn

Miggy Tejada sidelined at least a month with fractured right wrist

And I don't say "damn" because it hurts the team without his presence in the lineup, I say that because it means he most likely cannot be traded now. And if his trade value was dropping before, it surely as hell ain't rising after this.

In other news, Cal Ripken thinks the team sucks

Maybe he said it more gracefully, but the sentiment is there. Join the club Cal, it's called "Orioles Fans Everywhere" -- catchy name, ain't it?

Just as soon as I open my mouth...

The Bravos actually score runs, and in turn win a game. Brian McCann did all the dirty work last night in the Braves 4-1 win over the Nationals.

And in the "See!? I told you so!" department, Salty has two solo shots in his first two at-bats tonight. So there.

And now Andruw Jones has actually hit a three-run homer. Thank god for the Nats.

The Chris Benoit... situation

No doubt you've heard about the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide by now. At first it was tragically sad, then it was fishy, then it got just plain weird, and now it's pretty much mind boggling.

I read everything from some gas leak killing the whole family to roid rage to the wife actually killing the son and Benoit in turn killing her. But apparently we now have the truth, and it's just plain horrible and wrong.

I bet the WWE is feeling pretty dumb for prematurely airing a tribute for the guy last night. As for the "McMahon Assassination" storyline, well I wish they would not drop it, but apparently they are. Oh well.

However, I do think they are taking the right step in completely erasing him from the site and such. It's not that we'll forget, but it shouldn't be something that is focused on for a long time. If you want to focus on death in pro wrestling, look no further than the plethora of guys who have died from some heart failure before they hit 50.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, Monday

You know what'd be nice? If the Braves could drive in a damn run or two. I mean seriously, one run in the past five games? That's atrocious.

So now they're 4.5 behind the Mets, and that's complete luck if anything else. Two major things need to happen and soon:

1) Bench Scott Thorman and make Jarrod Saltalamacchia the full-time first baseman. Fielding be damned, he's been solid over there anyway. The kid is tearing it up at the plate, batting .320 with a .363 OBP and an .816 OPS. Thorman on the other hand is .232/.262/.684. I don't see why that change hasn't been made yet, outside of maybe liking Thorman's power (9 dingers and 30 RBI, which is above average at best really).

Now, I saw a rumor of a possible Mark Teixeira to Atlanta trade, but I think the Rangers are asking too much and I really like Salty. I also saw an Adam Dunn to ATL rumor, but I'm not sure what the Reds are asking and if we need another power hitter who hits for a low average and strikes out way too much (97 already this year). Granted, a lefty power hitter would make the lineup much better, and if we could not deal Salty somehow, I wouldn't protest. Then again, you start to bury some bats in that lineup. Maybe this could work:

ss Renteria
c McCann
3b Chipper
cf Andruw
lf Dunn
rf Frenchie
1b Salty
2b Johnson

It'd bring us closer to the Mets in the hitting dept., that's for sure.

2) There MUST be a major pitching move made before the deadline, possibly Mark Buehrle? Again, don't wanna give up too many prospects, especially for a guy who becomes a free agent after the season. But the truth is, the hitting -- even without a trade -- should and most likely will come back around (Andruw can't slump the whole season...right?). The pitching, however, needs to be addressed namely in the form of another strong starter. Smoltz is our only consistent arm, Hudson is back to being his mind-boggling crappy self (hopefully not permanently) and Chuck James is a bit too inconsistent. Thing is, who the hell else is out there besides Buehrle?

Just my two cents.

Man of Steele ready to bring the Tide back?

Nice little piece on Ron Steele by Gary Parrish. God I hope Steele is back at 100% in time for the season, we need it. I like the outlook season (then again, I liked it better last year...) even with out Jermareo Davidson. We'll miss him on the defensive side, but Richard Hendrix will be getting more looks inside and that is a GOOD thing. Plus, the bench should be a lot deeper this year. We'll see, anyway.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The best player of my lifetime

So I was surfing around when I saw this poll:

I am in the group that voted for Junior Griffey. Why? Well, it got me to thinking.

When I was young kid, Griffey was the epitome of what a baseball should be. He could run, field, throw, hit for average and hit for power. He had -- and still has -- the smoothest, sweetest swing in the game. There was nothing that he couldn't do. It wasn't even a question if he was going to break Aaron's all-time home run record, it was just by how much he was going to shatter it.

Sadly, for whatever reason Griffey was cursed upon his arrival in Cincinnati, and he hasn't been the Griffey that all kids knew and loved back in the mid-90s. And it's a shame, really. In my humble opinion, Griffey in his prime was without a shadow of a doubt the best baseball player I've ever seen.

I mean, if you played any baseball video game, you picked Seattle just so you use Griffey. If you were playing ball around the hood, you pretended to be Griffey no matter if you were a righty or lefty.

Plain and simple, Griffey was The Man. And it'll always be a damn shame that he struggled with injuries in Cinnci, because he would've shattered Aaron's record, and we wouldn't have this Barry Bonds mess.

I'd love to post a video of this, but I can't find one (bloody copyright laws). So here is a picture of the best catch I have ever seen:To set that up, he broke his wrist and held on to the ball. That catch caused him to miss a majority of the 95 season, one in which he came back to help the Mariners catch the Angels and win the AL West, and beat the Yanks in that very memorable ALDS.

Weekend 6 Pack

Velvet Revolver - Contraband
The White Stripes - Icky Thump (review coming soon)
Guns N' Roses - G N' R Lies
Powerman 5000 - Destroy What You Enjoy
Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight
Pearl Jam - rearviewmirror (Up Side)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Countdown to D-Day

OK, I've finally set a deadline for myself in regards to my love for the O's: the July 31st MLB trade deadline. I've decided that if there are not major changes made that day -- i.e. sending off Miggy Tejada for big-time prospects, dumping other veterans to playoff contenders willing to give up some promising minor leaguers, etc. -- than I am done. Done with the Satan-led O's until the day that Cal Ripken and his group of investors ride in on their white horses and save the Oriole Way.

I've already decided to stop paying for tickets, and in 42 days I may be taking more drastic steps than that.

Until then, good column by's John Donovan on Satan.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back to the grind

Well, back from Florida (albeit Jacksonville, but still Florida I suppose) and I come to find the O's in shambles -- er, umm... worse shambles? Whatever. Anywho, Satan waves bye-bye to Sam Perlozzo, and apparently hires some guy to evaluate the whole organization.

My reaction: Honestly, I'm shocked... I didn't even know they were still playing baseball in Camden Yards. I thought they gave up sometime in mid-May. Learn something everyday I suppose.

Whoever they get (Girardi?) has quite the mountain to climb, so best of luck to them.

Another athlete goes down in a crotch rocket accident

I am by no means against motorcycles, I like them in fact. But crotch rockets are just plain dangerous to amateur riders -- like the many athletes that ride them -- and are a serious problem.

Lakers not pulling trigger on Kobe trade

I don't see the logic here -- well I do, but why keep an unhappy guy when you can trade for some young talent and build a nucleus that will will for many years? Get one star in free agency and use Kobe to get the young guys and add to what you already have.

Nice little piece by Ivan Maisel on Alabama's new OC Major Applewhite.

I like Applewhite, always have through his playing career and now as a coach. I think he'll do big things, and I hope they're in Tuscaloosa.

And because no man is safe from guilty pleasures...

I give you Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again" -- which apparently no one likes and has caused her summer tour to be canceled before it even begins. Whatever, keep on rocking Kelly, channel your inner Joan Jett.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nick Saban does more in one day than you do in 13 lifetimes

This is the funniest thing I have read in a looooooong time. I don't know who made this, so sorry for the lack of credit, it was sent to me on a message board. I'm still laughing, I have tears in my eyes.


4:00 AM - Wake up.

4:01 AM - Fire secretary for misspelling 'ITINERARY.' Get security to go to her house, step in her garden, wake her ass up, get her to fix them breakfast. .... Then fire her.

4:02 AM - Watch the movie 'Gladiator' in 16X fast forward.

4:20 AM - Think about how much of a p***y Maximus is and how I could dominate his ass.

4:21 AM - Call Major. Tell him if he isn't at my house in 5 minutes I will hire Chris Simms to do his f***ing job.

4:25 AM - Tell Major who he is recruiting today. Send him on the road with a cooler and a case of Red Bull. Tell him not to come back until he has a commitment. From a 5-star.

4:26 AM - Call Kevin Steele. Ask him where the f*** are my 5-star D-line commits? Call him names. Hang up.

4:27 AM - Power nap.

4:28 AM - 3-mile jog.

4:29 AM - Play game of NCAA 07. Beat LSU 63-0.

With Valdosta State.

5:00 AM - Think about how even EA sports makes Les Miles looks like a walking bobblehead doll.

5:01 AM - Call Mal. Ask him where the f*** is my bagel.

5:02 AM - Get bagel from Mal. Complain that it isn't toasted enough. Slam door.

5:03 AM - Toast bagel with laser eyes, then eat it.

5:05 AM - Do whatever the hell I want for two-and-a-half hours.

7:36 AM - Wake up the daughter, tell her how much I love her, fix her breakfast, ask her how her school is going, pat her on the head, buy her a pony, kiss her on the forehead, telepathically threaten her boyfriend, and give her a ride to school.

7:39 AM: Wake up the wife.

7:39 - 10:39 AM - None of your f***ing business.

10:40 AM - Take 15-minute hot shower.

10:45 AM - Head to office.

10:50 AM - Prank-call Don Shula. Tell him that Nick Saban is looking to hire a new secretary and that if he's interested to email his resume to Do not disguise voice.

11:00 AM - Go to Mobile. Recruit my ass off.

11:50 AM - Go to Daphne. Recruit my ass off.

12:25 PM - Go to Louisiana. Take huge sh*t…

... inside the LSU Football Complex. Use the bathroom in Miles’ office. Do not close door.

12:26 P.M. - Use bottled skunk scent to create the illusion that my sh*t actually stinks.

12:27 P.M. – Leave toilet un-flushed. Not to be rude. Just to remind everyone at LSU that it’s Nick Saban’s job to get sh*t done, and Les Miles’ job to take care of whatever Nick Saban leaves behind.

12:29 P.M. – Enter Auburn city limits. Inhale, then hold breath.

12:30 P.M. – Meet Tommy Tuberville for lunch. When waiter takes order, say “I'll have what he's having.” Wait for Tuberville to order something healthy. Then call him a p**** and order a double cheeseburger. With onion rings.

12:31 P.M. – Think of a better way to f*** with Tuberville. Adjust time.

12:30 P.M. – Meet Tommy Tuberville for lunch. When waitress takes order, say 'I'll have what he's having.' Wait for Tuberville to order. When the waitress brings out my food, send it back. When the waitress brings out Tuberville’s food, eat it. All of it. Silently, and without using silverware. Stare Tuberville in the face the whole time. Do not talk. If waitress tries to approach table again, stare at her until she cries.

1:00 P.M. – Get up from table. Ask valet for Tuberville’s car keys. Do not tip.

1:01 P.M. – Get in car. Scroll through Tuberville’s iPod. Laugh at all the p***y music he has on it.

1:02 P.M. – Morph iPod into 1987 cassette tape of “Appetite for Destruction.” Blare it. Then hit the pedal.

1:03 – 1:29 P.M. – Hit as many Auburn fans’ mailboxes as possible. Swerve if necessary.

1:30 P.M. – Arrive at Auburn City Sheriff’s Office.

1:31 P.M. – Beat the s**t out of Auburn City Sheriff.

Do not tell him there is a new sheriff in town. That would be too expected.

Instead, merely imply it by punching him repeatedly in the face and kidney.

1:32 – 1:54 P.M. – Hit as many Auburn fans’ pets as possible. Swerve if necessary.

1:55 P.M. – Drive to Bobby Lowder’s house. Park Tuberville’s car right next to Lowder’s wife’s car. Leave it there all night. But not before taking pictures.

1:56 P.M. – Slash both front tires. With index finger.

1:57 P.M. – Swallow keys. Hail cab.

1:58 P.M. – Exit Auburn city limits. Wait five minutes, then exhale.

1:59 P.M. – Arrive at gas station. Put on Armani suit. Smile. Ask attendant for bag of Redman chew. Do not pay for it.

2:00 P.M. – Go to SEC baseball tourney.

2:01 P.M. – Walk into batter’s box. Grab crotch. Hit pinch-hit HR.

But not for Alabama.

For whoever’s playing LSU.

2:02 P.M. – Point to scorekeeper. Tell him to just add the run, because Nick Saban doesn’t have time to run the f***ing bases.

2:03 P.M. – On way out of ballpark, spit chew in LSU batboy’s face. Make sure his eyes are open first.

2:04 P.M. - Get out cell phone. Make recruiting call to Julio Jones. Tell him that Nick Saban just hit a pinch-hit HR. In an Armani suit. Without rounding the bases. Hang up.

2:05 P.M. – Purchase phone-voice disguiser from the movie 'Scream.'

2:06 P.M. – Call Major. Ask him how he is doing.

Then ask him if Alabama recruited a 5-star QB this week.

Then ask him if Alabama got a commitment from a 5-star QB this week.

Then ask him if he enjoys the use of his thumbs.

2:07 P.M. – Fax letter to Dan Le Batard and the Miami-Herald Sports department.

(^^^Coach’s correction^^^) - F*** that. Nick Saban does not fax. -

2:07 P.M. – Have Secretary Shula fax letter to Dan Le Batard and the Miami-Herald Sports Dept.

Letter to read as follows:

“ATTN: Staff,

Guys, I don’t know how else I can say this. I am going to beat the ever-living s*** out of Dan Le Batard and the entire Miami-Herald Sports Department.


2:08 P.M. – Catch the 3:15 flight to Miami.

3:00 P.M. – Beat the ever-living s*** out of Dan Le Batard and the entire Miami Herald Sports Department.

Not to show them that Nick Saban only gets violent when he feels like it. To show them that Nick Saban only keeps his word when he feels like it.

4:00 P.M. – Arrive back in Alabama. Call Real Estate Agent.

4:01 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. – Work with Real Estate agent. Buy every single movie theater, restaurant, shopping mall, outdoor park, fishing lake, and entertainment venue in the entire city of Auburn.

Close them all down immediately. If real estate agent advises against the move, threaten his life. Then tell him it is not about making money. It is about making sure people in Auburn have nothing to take their minds off the fact that Nick Saban was just hired as the Head Coach of Alabama.

5:01 P.M. – 9:01 P.M. – Go into office. Work. Recruit. Dominate. Make up for otherwise slow day.

9:02 P.M. – Go home. Hug the wife. Wink. Smile. Spit mad game.

9:03 P.M. – 12:02 A.M. – None of your f****ng business.

12:03 A.M. – Call Mal. Ask him where the f*** is my cigarette.

12:04 A.M. – Get cigarette from Mal. Complain that it isn’t lit. Slam door.

12:05 A.M. – Light cigarette with laser eyes. Then smoke it. Without filter.

12:06 A.M. – 1,000 sit-ups.

12:07 A.M. – 1,000 push-ups.

12:08 A.M. – 1,000 crunches.

12:09 A.M. – End warm-up period and begin hour-long evening workout.

12:39 A.M. – Complete hour-long evening workout.

12:40 A.M. – 1:00 A.M. – Watch 4 consecutive new episodes of ‘24’ using the DVR I stole from Lowder’s house.

1:01 A.M. – Think about how lucky Jack Bauer is for being fictional. Because if he weren’t, I would beat the s*** out of him for copy-catting my personality.

1:02 A.M. – 1:12 A.M. – Watch entire replay of “De La Hoya-Mayweather” fight.

1:13 A.M. – Think about how much more one-sided the fight would have been if it were called “De La Hoya-Saban.”

1:14 A.M. – Put cell phone on silent. Not to go to sleep. To dodge repeated late-night desperation booty calls from Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria.

3:14 A.M. – After booty calls cease, send text message to both reminding them that Nick Saban only cheats at Monopoly.

3:15 A.M. – 3:29 A.M. – Practice future National Championship Game post-game speeches. All three of them.

3:30 A.M. – 4:00 A.M. – Catch good night’s sleep. Replace the counting of sheep with the kicking of puppies.

Friday, June 08, 2007

New feature, yay!

Also known as: cheap gimmick instead of actually writing something.

Anywho, the Black Mamba (my truck) has a 6-CD player in it, and it gets good use. So, from now on I'll start the "Weekend 6 Pack" to let you know what I'm listening to, and maybe even give you some ideas.

So, on with the first Weekend 6 Pack.

Powerman 5000 - Transform
Stone Temple Pilots - Thank You
The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire
Metallica - Ride the Lightning

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Livin' Book Club

OK, time for another member to the club -- this time not a Chuck Klosterman title! It is, however, my first favorite author, or I suppose second if you count Dr. Suess.

Anyway, just finished up Michael Crichton's latest, Next.

It's another genetic thriller from in the Jurassic Park mold -- the unreal technology we have already, both known and unknown to the public, and about the dangers of falling in love with the power. This one focuses on genetic engineering on a much smaller scale than Jurassic Park did, namely the roles scientists ethics and the laws come into play.

Next reads pretty well, although it can be disjointing at times because he introduces so many characters and there are numerous different plot lines that end up intertwining. It does pull you in, however, as Crichton novels usually do despite their heavy scientific content. It does get slow at times though, with less action that other Crichton novels.

Not his best work, but not bad either. Still, worth the read for any fans of him or the genre.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Please, please, PLEASE let this be something BIG

This meaning this.

From Rolling Stone:
Rage Against the Machine are counting down to … something. This mysterious Web site has appeared. It features two clocks, one counting down to some kind of announcement to be made five days from now, and another counting down to August 24th of this year. The site is registered to Live Nation, which suggests that the band may soon announce a major tour. More details to come …
I swear, this better not be some damn stupid political stunt.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Ray Ray is back

"I'm sitting right now at an easy 250, 255, but my body fat is crazy right now. I'm the healthiest I've ever been."

Memo to running backs: be scared again, be "scantily-clad-Sorority-girl-in-a-horror-flick" scared.

Quick, somebody cue Kevin Millar!

Take that, professionalism! is doing an interesting series this week, having their college football writers do a piece on the best game they've ever witnessed. Yesterday, Mark Schlabach talked about ditching his little sister's wedding to see a good ol' Southern slugfest between Gerogia and Tennessee.

Today, Pat Forde talks about how the Fiesta Bowl press box was actually filled with human emotion this past New Year's. I think that's the real reason I don't want to do traditional sports journalism, I fear becoming another sports writer who ends up hating sports and attends games in boring press boxes and loses sight of the best part about sports in the first place: being a fan.

Well, anything's bound to be better than the XFL

My man-crush Chuck Klosterman makes an appearance on Page 2 to talk about the forthcoming All American Football League.

It could work, seeing as they're aiming towards putting teams in college markets that don't usually have pro teams. I could see a good number of Alabama fans coming out to see former Crimson Tiders once again... that is, the ones who aren't busy doing car commercials (Roll Chevy Roll!).

Cock rock is back baby!

Hells to the fuck yeah.

I know what you're saying, why am I excited about a tour featuring three above-average at best bands? Well, I've explained what I look for in a rock band before, and this happens to be a tour that features three bands that know how to have fun. Hinder's first single was called "Get Stoned" for crap's sake. Buckcherry got famous off of "Crazy Bitch." Papa Roach may not fit that mold, but they've successfully turned from a one-hit-wonder nu metal band into a solid hard rock band, and I've heard they put on a hell of a show.

This tour is a throwback to the days when bands toured together so they could have contests to see who could bang the most groupies. They even have the cheesy 80s tour name that still has a bit of coolness to it. Better yet, the Baltimore stop is gonna be at Merriweather Post Pavilion -- Merriweather! You don't just see a concert at Merriweather, you sell your soul at one. If Motley Crüe was the headliner, this would be the single greatest tour of all time, I'm not even kidding.

Let me try to explain further: this tour consists of three bands who aren't necessarily great, but do rock and make solid songs that translate well to a live show. Girls love them, but they're still bands that guys can dig.

You know how you watch a sitcom or movie, and a teenager asks his parents how they met and they say something along the lines of "Well, we hooked up at an Aerosmith concert" and everyone laughs and the parents get a nostalgic look in their eyes? This is gonna be one of those tours for our generation. I guarantee there will be multiple child conceptions at every stop on this tour.

I swear to whoever runs this crazy universe, if I can't find at least one of my friends to come with me to this show I will disown them ALL -- I'm dead serious. I will shake off my load, move to Hawaii, open a bar and forget I ever knew any of them.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tuesday, shoot me in the head

I'm in...I'm out

So Billy D can't make up his mind, not a surprise in today's coaching world. I think the Gators should be thanking their lucky stars. With Kentucky on the up, and Tennessee rising as a powerhouse, the Gators would've been shit out of luck if Donovan split. Now, they'll just have to wait out a rebuilding year or two then be back in the fold.

King James has arrived

I like Jason Whitlock's moniker of "LeBron's 48 Special" to describe the Game 5 massacre of Detroit. That said, no way the Cavs even put up a fight against the Spurs. LeBron could drop 50-10-10 every game in the series (not that he will, because the Spurs will double him), and it wouldn't matter. Spurs in 5.

Akon should try out for WWE

The lesson here: never go to shitty R&B concerts.

I'm excited for music this year

Linkin Park's new CD already dropped, and I liked it. Velvet Revolver's Libertad comes out in July. Metallica, Kid Rock and The Black Crowes are all working on new CDs as well, with Metallica and Kid Rock's both being produced by Rick Rubin.

Hell yes.

And, although I'm still debating it, I may cap off the summer by attending the Virgin Festival with headliners The Police, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins and Velvet Revolver -- not to mention also 311, Incubus, Cheap Trick and Wu-Tang Clan. My only hold up would be the $175 tickets.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bernie Machen is a pussy

Screw you Mr. I Wanted A Playoff Until I Sold Out.

OK, back to hating Florida...HA HA! Your basketball coach left you with shit in the cupboard!

OK I'm done.