Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

Livin' starts its triumphant return with the 3rd edition of the "td2kool Super Bowl Diary." And remember, it's not stealing from Bill Simmons, it's paying homage to him (hey, you shut up).

All times Central, all thoughts/comments/jokes property of td2kool Ltd.

2:30 - We're back in Tuscaloosa for this year's Super Sunday, with my buddies Nate, Brett and Pat playing the role of hosts. We've got all the necessities: wings, chips, dip, beer, a big screen and people on both sides of the ball ready to trash talk all day long.

2:35 - Watch the pregame show? Hellllllll no, Halo 3, baby.

4:30 - So maybe we felt like we needed more stuff: fries, Chex mix, M&Ms, more dip, Cheetos... I think we're covered.

4:40 - The number one thing I miss about Baltimore parties? Natty Boh, hon.

4:47 - I've come up with my prediction: Patriots 35, Giants 17.

4:48 - Say what you will about Frank Caliendo, but the dude's Madden impersonation is hilarious.

4:53 - Did Terry Bradshaw just drop an F-Bomb on live television?

4:56 - What in the fuck is this Declaration of Independence shit?

5:06 - Prediction #2: Anheuser Busch once again reigns supreme in the commercial wars.

5:18 - Jordin Sparks looks terrified.

5:20 - But she nailed the anthem.

5:21 - Drillbit Taylor looks hilarious.

5:30 - Kickoff time, baby... I love the flashbulbs.

5:36 - What did I tell you about them Anheuser Busch boys? They've got one hell of a marketing department and/or firm.

5:40 - Decent little drive the Giants got going here... and great pocket presence by Eli right there on the 3rd down blitz.

5:45 - Big hold by the Pats D there, those are the kind of opportunities the G-men need to take advantage of.

5:50 - My buddy Nate: "Hey guys, I think 'House' is on after this."

5:54 - You would think that by now, 18 games into the season, people would know to cover Wes Welker on 3rd down. Just saying.

6:05 - So, I checked out that Danica Patrick ad on meh.

6:09 - Wow, Amani Toomer showing he's still got it.

6:13 - First big break of the night for either team, those are the kinds of things you need to happen to finish 19-0.

6:19 - Movies I want to see this year: Iron Man and Leatherheads.

6:20 - Joe Buck saying "we may not be the best announcers our there" is better than any joke you can think up.

6:21 - Giants dodge a big bullet right there by falling on that fumble.

6:54 - Well, that was a pretty boring 1st half of football, lots of missed chances by both teams. The highlights: lizards doing the "Thriller" dance and a big mouse beating the crap out of that dude in the Doritos commercial.

6:58 - Our halftime entertainment? My buddy Brett trying to launch a cookie across the room in D.J.'s mouth. Beat that.

7:17 - My pal Caleb: "How much do you think they got paid for that?" Me: "Enough for their Viagra."

7:24 - Movie #3: Semi-Pro. Actually, there's four: There Will Be Blood looks BAD ASS. Let's hope for a much better 2nd half of football.

7:35 - I didn't even know you could challenge 12 men on the field... guess that's why I writing this sitting on a living room floor and not on the sidelines at a Super Bowl.

7:42 - The Giants' pass rush is just nasty, big third down sack there.

7:43 - Interesting decision to go for it by Belichick there, let's sees if the Giants get some momentum off of that hold.

8:00 - Somehow, I don't think my 35-17 prediction might be a bit off... I vote we play 7 on 7 in the 4th quarter.

8:06 - I think the fight between the Terminator and the Fox robot might be more exciting than the game itself.

8:07 - And right after that, the Giants get a big play, naturally.

8:10 - Touchdown Giants, on a play that Asante Samuel probably should've made.

8:23 - Everyone talks about giving Belichick two weeks, but damn if the Giants' defensive staff hasn't looked brilliant today.

8:26 - "Bud Light: Suck one." Hahahaha, God I love Will Ferrell.

8:32 - Here comes Mr. Brady...

8:34 - Let's see, you blitz all game long and hold the most prolific offense in history to 7 points... but with the game on the line you fall back and only rush four. Really?

8:39 - Touchdown New England! Your move, Eli Manning.

8:51 - Ho-ly shit, what a play by Eli and what a catch by David Tyree.

8:56 - Big Plaxico wide-open for the go ahead score... abut damn time this game exciting. Good thing for the Giants their kicker's not named John Casey.

8:58 - 29 seconds, three timeouts and Tom Brady, gotta love it.

8:59 - Brett: "Tom ain't played like himself today." Caleb: "I think he's still torn up about Heath Ledger dying, personally."

9:03 - And the Giants will win, great finish. Now the Patriots go down as the 43rd best team in the Super Bowl era. And now I get to heard a ton of "Manning back-to-back" stories... lovely.

So we sign off, folks, hopefully I'll be back in swing full-time soon enough. Until then: peace, love and rock n roll.