Monday, March 08, 2010

Life Lessons

It has been awhile since I've imparted my infinite wisdom upon you, my loyal reader. So, it's time for more life lessons.
  • Elton John > Billy Joel
  • Yes, I go to a professional hair salon. Why? Because getting a hair cut is akin to getting your car worked on. Once you find a good mechanic, you keep him. Maybe you pay a little bit more, but that's because you know you're getting damn good work done. 
  • Don't be afraid to take off your shirt and start some bull mess every now and then. I just wouldn't advise you start it with a biker -- they usually travel in packs. 
  • TD's hangover cure: Gatorade, greasy food, Law & Order, and preferably someone to share your pain with.
  • A hot shower cures what ails you. Always.
  • If you ain't happy with the path you're on, find a new fucking path.
One last note here, two friends and I have started an entertainment blog, so go read it, love it, bookmark it, worship it: The Alabama Take

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